Senior Sendoff – Lorelei Crowley


Laraya Duncan, Staff Writer

Our second senior sendoff is Lorelei Crowley! Lorelei is planning on attending Iowa State University to major in mechanical engineering and plans to join the Hudlege Navel Route. But for now she works as a Lifeguard at St. Peters Rec-Plex and attends our very own St. Charles West. 


Some favorites of Lorelei include: the infamous TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Kung Fu Panda, the color yellow, cows, and physics class.


When thinking about graduation, Lorelei is “…ready to graduate, but I’m gonna miss my friends but at the same time I’m excited for the future.” 


When reflecting on the past four years, Lorelei’s favorite memory was when, “I lost my phone my freshman year and I texted it on my friends phone saying, ‘Come at me bro’ and then Voelkl shows up with my phone and we were laughing and now every time we see him we say ‘Come at me bro.’”


Advice Lorelei has for incoming freshmen would be to “Push yourself even in freshman year and it’ll pay off in the end.”


To sum high school up, “It’s the time of your life if you let it.”