Senior Sendoff – Ella Smith


Julia Steele, Staff Writer

Our shining star Ella Smith begins to say her goodbyes to West in the coming weeks. But there are brighter things to come.


Ella plans to attend Truman State University to study Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Ella has loved biology since she was little. “I got interested in the bio chem and the molecular field after watching a video in 5th grade on how they made chicken nuggets from a drop of chicken blood and ate them with the chicken still standing there. That’s the sort of stuff I hope to do, only grow human tissues for organ transplants and amputees instead,” She explains.


Aside from her future as a medical hero, Ella enjoys dancing at the Performing Art Centre, listening to true crime and social commentary, and do crafty stuff.


Ella has spent her time at West doing a million things but her favorite memories are with her friends. And the scariest thing about college is leaving that behind.


But leaving for college does not lack excitement, she is excited to live on her own and do her own thing. Knowing Ella, we know she has a lot planned.


Congratulations to SCWest’s favorite dancing queen. Keep shining and smiling Ms. Ella!