Senior Sendoff – Sophie Deubel


Julia Steele, Staff Writer

Ms. Sophie Deubel enters her final week of high school. While we are sad to see her go, we are excited to see her flourish.


Sophie will be attending Lindenwood University next fall to study Art History with an emphasis in Art Conservation. Unfortunately art conservation remains a rare course of study in the United States but Sophie is excited to find it at Lindenwood. She explains, “I have always loved art history but I had never thought about how artwork is preserved. There’s a lot of chemistry and researching involved, and I’m excited to pursue this career!”


Outside of her time at West Sophie spends her time painting and sketching. Not to mention her time at the Foundry Art Centre where she takes watercolor classes. We can only hope she has painted many portraits of her two beautiful poodles!!


But Sophie’s most memorable moment of high school being her amazing homecoming float, “I had a lot of fun designing the float and then riding on it with my classmates. I’ve really loved being a part of StuCo in general, I’ve had a lot of fun being a class officer.”


As she whisks off to college, she is most worried about the huge change, but more excited to take classes that mirror her interests.


We can’t wait to see all of what you accomplish Sophie, and West hopes to see your photos from abroad soon.