StuCo’s hall decorations

Every holiday season, the members of student council (StuCo) hold an annual hall decorating showcase between the classes.  This year, the overall StuCo theme was “Tis the Season” and each class had their own smaller theme to create.  The seniors chose “Snowday” as their theme and participated by adding snowflakes to the ceiling and thin, blue tissue paper to create blue lighting in their hallway.  The junior class chose “Nutcracker”, and added streamers to the top of their ceiling and have added mice king to the entrance of their hallway.  The sophomores chose “Gingerbread” and highlighted their theme by adding little gingerbread men to the top of their locker.  The freshman chose “Holidays in Hawaii” based off the song “Mele Kalikimaka” by Bing Crosby, which is a way to say “Merry Christmas” in Hawaii.

All of the decorations have proved to be phenomenal this year.  However, according to the poll conducted this week, 37% of the people interviewed preferred the freshman hall, 38% of people preferred senior hall, 13% preferred sophomore hall, and 12% preferred junior hall.

‘My favorite hallway is the seniors”, says  senior StuCo president Kailey Dunning, “We always have put 100% effort in each one of the halls we’ve done.  From freshman to senior year, we have gone all out and it makes us happy when we see our work make others happy”.

However, with such exquisite work comes great planning.

“We sat down a few days before the hall decorations and got everything we had/could get and put together some of the gingerbread for our hallway”, says sophomore Julia Steele.  Julia is president of her class, and was in charge of the theme “Gingerbread” this holiday season.

All of the hall decorations have proven to be stunning this holiday season, and it puts the students of St. Charles West into the holiday spirit.  If you are interested in joining StuCo, meetings are held every Thursday during AIP, go see Ms. Gates to put your name on the AIP list!


(not pictured is the junior class, the hallway gallery will be updated!)