Who is SCW Naps?

The answer to the question we’ve all been asking.


Mackenzie McGuire

This is me pretending to sleep because I needed a cover photo.

At St. Charles West, pretty much everyone knows of SCW Naps.  If you don’t, then here’s a rundown: @scw.naps is an Instagram account that posts pictures of people sleeping at St. Charles West.  These pictures can be of people actually sleeping, but most of them are actually staged.

However, the person running the Instagram account has not revealed their identity yet, and posts certain tasks such as “Get this account to 100 followers and I will reveal something about myself”.  So, I took one for the team and made it my mission over the last few days before break to figure out who it is.  The first thing I did was DM (Yes, I DMed) the account to see if I could write an article and the person approved, so I was permitted to ask three questions (Spoiler alert: I got to ask way more than three).

  1. What grade are you in?
  2. Do I know you personally?
  3. What is your favorite color? (I know, I’m sorry I ran out of questions)

His/Her answers were:

  1. I’m not a freshman nor a senior
  2. You may know of me
  3. Green

So then I started taking my guesses when the person mentioned an important detail about knowing sophomore basketball, baseball, and soccer player Karson Quinn for a significant amount of time.  So I texted Karson about who he might think he is.

Karson was useless.

So during my AP Government class I asked my friends Andy Ulett and Parker Ledbetter.  Andy said “That could be half the school Kenzie”, and Parker said “I don’t take naps anyway, why should I care?”.

So I got super into it.  I had a general idea of where this guy is from, and started looking at St. Charles school district lines, the psychology of liking green, looking at my snap map of the district lines, it was very safe to say that I was determined to figure out who this is.  I kept asking for hints until I could find something concrete that I could fall back on.  I ate lunch while looking for answers, and ended up talking to Noah Gramling and Ryan Beer, who suggested “His/her emojis are android if that helps you”.  This gave me a giant lead, as now I can narrow down people without Apple iPhones.  I ended up getting input from Ryan Beer, Jacob Kirt, Louis Dieckmann, and even my sister was involved.

I got all the way through journalism and even used the help of my classmates to figure it out, but it wasn’t until dismissal that I figured out.  I was walking out with Owen Shy trying to get another guess, when Brady Kilker walked into my conversation (as Brady Kilker does) and gave me a solid guess.

Brady’s guess was right.

It is my honor to reveal the identity of SCW Naps, which turned out to be sophomore cross country runner EVINN DAY.

So after a long day of guessing nonstop and receiving hints, we finally figured out who ran the account.  Evinn, thank you for giving us laughter during hard days on both of your accounts, and thank you for your dedication to posting and keeping up with everything.  St. Charles West is thankful for you.