Girl’s Soccer V Winfield Gallery

On March 21st, the St. Charles West girl’s soccer team participated in a conference matchup against the Winfield Warriors at Steve Stahl Stadium, beating Winfield 3-2.  St. Charles West managed to dominate on the offensive part of the game, with freshman Riley McGuire and senior Dariyn Hoff leading the way on the front lines.  On the defensive end, junior Emilie Pellow, freshman Genna Wacker, sophomore Dayleigh Bullock, and sophomore Cadie Kohenskey held Winfield to a two score game, while midfielders Anna White, Morgan Ward, Mary Loftus and Claire Horstmann made major contributions to the backbone of the team.

Highlights include freshman Riley McGuire with her first high school goal and two assists, and senior Morgan Ward with two goals.  Sophomore Sequoia Ross also made major contributions as goal keeper to the team, and held Winfield around mid field throughout the duration of the game.  This was seen as a major boost of confidence for the girl’s soccer team as they continue to push to a district championship in May.

The Warriors play next tomorrow, March 29th, against Warrenton.

PICTURES BY: Mackenzie McGuire