Prom Week


Mackenzie McGuire

The poster for the St. Charles West “Enchanted Forest” prom, held on April 2nd.

Prom has always been a St. Charles West favorite for decades: with the phenomenal music, the food, the anticipation, and the attire, a SCW dance is something you will never forget.  Last year, the 2021  school* prom theme was “Tropical Getaway” and was held at the Event Tent in Newtown St. Charles.   The prom was overall enjoyable, and the school made sure to include COVID-19 protocols set in the district at that time, accommodations that had never been made in the past.

This year, the prom theme is “Enchanted Forest” and will be held on April 2nd from 7:30 – 10:30 at the Cultural Arts Centre in St. Peters, MO.  Throughout the week, St. Charles West students will be participating in a prom spirit week in order to enhance school spirit and cause more anticipation for the dance this Saturday.

Throughout the excitement, junior class students have been prepping and planning for prom since September, including meetings throughout the school year and planning outside the school day.  Junior Sophie Deubel commented on the hard work of the juniors throughout the school year to bring the dance all together.

“We started by making an idea board about the theme.  it helps with finding the whole vibe for the decorations.  From there, we decided what exactly to put on the tables, the floor, and all that.  As far as organizational things, Google Docs are a must. Even with the AMI days, we were still able to work on things together.  We also have fundraisers like selling Nothing Bundt Cakes”, says junior Sophie Deubel.

Students participating in the spirit week commented on spirit days, past proms, and their expectations for prom this year.

“I expect to have fun”, says junior Sylvia Carroll.

“I’m very excited for prom this year! I’m excited for it to be like it should and actually dance. I expect to be able to actually dance and hopefully some good food”, says sophomore Madeline Stockmann.

“I’m feeling excited that I can go and hang out with my friends and dance around. My expectations are that I can just hang out and laugh a lot and have good food. “, says sophomore Vivian Jones.

“I feel excited for this years prom. I expect some good music and good food finally being able to dance again will be fun and relaxing”, says senior Jake Duffner.

“I am very excited cause we’ll get to actually dance this year!”, says senior Paige Ryherd.

With all that being said, St. Charles West’s “Enchanted Forest” prom is bound to be unforgettable, magical, and a phenomenal experience for all students.

*There was also a prom put on by the parents of the 2021 senior class.