JV Baseball VS Orchard Farm (Photo Gallery)

Yesterday, the St. Charles West JV baseball team faced the Orchard Farm Eagles at the St. Charles West baseball fields for a conference matchup in the GAC North Conference.  This was the Warriors’ first time playing the Eagles this season, and the team made accommodations to give themselves the best chance at a win.

Starting at pitcher was freshman Adam Caulk, who pitched an impressive number of strikeouts throughout the first innings of the game.  The Warriors managed to keep the game in their grasp throughout regulation, however, managed to tie the game within the last inning.  With the tie, the game continued for another inning, but ultimately ended in a tie for both teams with a score of 9-9.  While the Warriors worked hard and persevered throughout the game, continuous hard work will need to be put in by the team for the rest of the spring season.  Freshman first baseman Brady Kilker commented on the team’s hard work and outcome for the game.

“I think the team needs to make more plays on the field, as well as less errors,” says freshman Brady Kilker.

The Warriors will face the Orchard Farm Eagles again today at Orchard Farm High School for another conference matchup.

PHOTOS BY: Mackenzie McGuire