Little Women Recap


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The cast and crew of the spring musical Little Women.

This past week, the St. Charles West drama department (SCW Players) presented their spring musical Little Women: a musical based on the classic, hearty book by Louisa May Alcott and showcases the lives of the four March sisters: Jo, Amy, Meg, and Beth.

The musical takes place around the Civil War era ands follows as each character grows and develops while showcasing themes of consistent love, tragedy, hope, and personal growth.  The musical itself was performed with liveliness and careful detail, and showcased some of the phenomenal talent here at St. Charles West.  With seniors performing their last show, or freshman performing their very first show, the whole show was well put together and had extremely impressive acting, singing, and dances from all the students who participated.

Throughout the show, the students managed to make unbreakable bonds with the cast and crew, including the phenomenal women who played the March sisters: Sophie Zeier (Jo), Anna Tuley (Meg), Julia Steele (Amy), and Anna Stichter (Beth).

“The bonds I made once again stuck out to me. I will always be connected to this group of people. I truly will have sisters for the rest of my life,” says sophomore Julia Steele, who played headstrong and stubborn Amy March.

“When I first joined the SCWest Players, I wasn’t really friends with anybody. Now, I have grown to consider nearly everybody in the program my closest friends and family. Everybody is so welcoming and I truly feel at home with all of the people in this program,” says freshman Anna Stichter, who portrayed the role of sweet and loving Beth March.

During the show, each member of the cast managed to see a reflection of themselves through the character they portrayed, a highlight to watch, perform, and interact with.

“John Brooke mirrors me of being a charmer but also a screw up sometimes. He still has this child within him that Meg brings out and I get that child brought out of me also,” says senior Jake Duffner, who portrayed romantic and charming John Brooke.

“Amy I feel mirrored by every single one of us that is in a sibling relationship. Everything Amy says is probably something you thought at one point, you just didn’t have the nerve to say it. Amy is a hated character, but one of the more realistic,” says Julia Steele.

With the of the success with Little Women, The Servant of Two Masters, and I Never Saw Another Butterfly, the theatre department can only go up.  Congratulations to all who participated!

“There is so much locked potential at SCW. This year we unlocked it and skyrocketed the theater department’s acting,” says senior Jake Duffner.