Baseball Senior Night (Photo Gallery)

Yesterday, the St. Charles West Warriors held their annual senior night game honoring seniors Josh Newell, Dylan Patterson, Jacob Blassingame, and William Mettlach.  All four seniors have been playing baseball at St. Charles West for four years, and have been involved in a multitude of events throughout the course of their high school career.  The team honored the four seniors before the game in order to recognize each player’s hard work.

During the game, senior Dylan Patterson kicked the West scoring drive off by hitting a home run, bringing the score to 4-1 early in the game.  During the bottom of the fifth inning, freshman Brenan Goering hit a home run to bring the score to 13-5.  Later in the inning, junior Kyle Quinn managed to hit the third home run of the day, bringing the score to 14-5.  Overall, the final score of the game was 16-5, another win for the St. Charles West Warriors.

This win also determined the conference rankings.  With the St. Charles West win, it automatically dubs them GAC North champions going into the district tournament.  Congratulations to all the players!

PICTURES BY: Mackenzie McGuire