Varsity boys and girls track dubbed GAC North champions


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The St. Charles West boy’s and girl’s track teams after the GAC North meet.

Last night, the St. Charles West boys and girl’s track teams participated in the GAC North meet consisting of St. Charles West, St. Charles High, Winfield, Warrenton, North Point (Wentzville), and Orchard Farm.

The meet was successful for all the teams that participated, but some of the groups were standout groups specific to St. Charles West.  After their GAC North win last year (and a trip to state for some of the members on the running team), St. Charles West was a force to be reckoned with going into the meet.

“We just made sure to really take the time to perfect our craft”, says track senior Dylan Scruggs, “We made sure everything was nice and clean when it came time to race”.

Throughout the meet, one of the key components of the girl’s running team was the infamous 4×800 relay, which runners Alivia Zeier, Lily Jackson, Genna Wacker, and Avery Jackson have won in multiple meets.  Their success carried over into the GAC tournament, earning another first place placement for the relay and each runner.

Senior Lily Jackson also participated in the 800, 1600, and 3200 distance runs and earned a first place placement in all three categories.  Lily Jackson also recently committed and signed to the University of Nebraska – Omaha to continue her track and cross country career.

The 4×400 also took a first place placement with runners Vivian Jones, Alivia Zeier, Avery Jackson, and Genna Wacker.

Looking into high jump, the high jump and triple jump were both won by senior Hannah Myers, who recently committed and signed to Westminster University to continue her track and basketball career.

Moving on to pole vault, senior Ella Nichols managed to be the GAC North champion of pole vault.

Combining all of the accomplishments listed above, both track teams managed to win the GAC North championship and bring home a back to back win for the school, the program, and the students.  Congratulations to all who participated!