Girl’s Soccer loses to Orchard Farm in district semifinal


Senior Dariyn Hoff dribbling the ball.

Last night, the St. Charles West Warriors faced the Orchard Farm Eagles for the district semifinal at St. Charles High School.  With a win from the Warriors against Wright City on Saturday, the Warriors were looking at the matchup with hope and determination.  Looking back on history against the Orchard Farm Eagles, the first time the Eagles played the Warriors, the score was 8-0 with a loss for the Warriors.  The second time was a score of 5-2 on the soccer senior night, also a loss against the Warriors.  Going into this game, the Warriors were optimistic about their results.

The game stayed steady throughout the first part of the first half, with little to no action from both teams.  At halftime, the score was 3-0 with the Eagles in the lead.  During the second half, freshman Riley McGuire managed to put the Warriors on the board after a beautiful ball from senior Dariyn Hoff.  However, the Warriors did not pull through and ended up losing the game 6-1 to the Orchard Farm Eagles, making yesterday’s game the last one for the 2022 seniors.

All in all, the season was filled with ups and downs.  However, the team came together like never before and had a remarkable season.  Congrats to all soccer athletes!