Ms Vancil joins the SCW art department

With the 2022-2023 school year in full swing, old and new faces are coming into the halls of St. Charles West.  With all the new freshmen coming into the school for the next four years, some new teachers start their St. Charles West journey along with them.

One of these teachers, Ms Vancil, joins the art department this year.  The St. Charles West art department is one of the smaller departments in the school, with a total of three teachers and a multitude of classes to cover.  With Ms. Vancil, the department is sure to thrive, grow, and become stronger.  This year is Ms. Vancil’s third year teaching, her last two years have been spent at public schools in the St. Louis area.  As a new district employee, Ms. Vancil commented on her excitement and ideas to better the art department.

“I am most excited about developing positive relationships with students and staff and making a positive impact on people through art making! I’m super excited to be apart of this district!” says Ms. Vancil.

Please welcome Ms. Vancil to the art department!