SCW holds annual homecoming parade (Photo Gallery)

Every homecoming week, St. Charles West High School holds an annual homecoming parade in order to celebrate the annual homecoming dance and parade.  The parade highlights the clubs, organizations, sports, and the homecoming court at St. Charles West.  Additionally, students at Jefferson Intermediate School, Monroe Elementary School, George M. Null Elementary School, and St. Cletus Catholic School*  line up along the streets and receive candy from the parade.  This parade, sports such as volleyball, football, and soccer were showcased, and clubs like MAC Scholars, Marching Band, and Art Club were all present in the parade.  Overall, the parade was an awesome experience for all ages.

“The parade was super awesome! I had a good time!” said sophomore Audrey Branson.

Congratulations to all who participated!

*St. Cletus is not a school in the St. Charles City School District