SCW Vs. Orchard Farm Girls Varsity Game January 27th


SCW Vs. Orchard Farm girls varsity game on January 27th . This game was a hard watch and very close. Both teams went back and forth fighting for the win. As SCW girls started getting back on top we watched a tough war with the ball. Heading into the 4th quarter it was close and soon the points started going back and forth, up and down. We watched a very long 8 minutes. As the game progressed we kept seeing lots of free throws. Stopping every few seconds became a tough game to look away from. As the score reached 44 (west) – 43 (Farm) you couldn’t look anywhere but the court. Stopping for free throws left and right. As SCW was going all in they got the score up to 49-43 for the final. Go SCW!