SCW Jazz Combo


The SCW Jazz Ensemble is a group of students with a love for jazz, but did you know that there is also a SCW Jazz Combo? These seven students have extraordinary talent, and enjoy showcasing their talent through jazz. Senior Scott Stratton-Henderson is a saxophone player and also the marching band drum major for the 2022-23 season. Senior Rolen Moore is a trombonist and is very invested in the St. Charles School District music program, using 4 of his class periods to do something with the program. Junior Jonathan Novelli plays upright bass and bass guitar. He is one of the best bassists in the state, and has won numerous awards for his talent. The combo consists of lots of passionate freshmen, Cash Buehler, Lincoln Clark, Jacob Wortham, and Harrison Hendrickson. Cash plays piano and has outstanding music theory knowledge. Lincoln Clark plays both saxophone and clarinet, adding some spice to the group. Jacob Wortham is an outstanding drummer and can play anything he puts his mind to. He also has amazing soloing skills, which he showcases not only in the combo, but also the ensemble. Harrison Hendrickson plays trombone and gets the crowd hyped during his Better get Hit in your Soul solo. All of these students are extremely talented and plan on furthering their music careers more as they grow.