Key Club’s Blood Drive

Mackenzie McGuire, contributor

This past Friday, (11/12) St. Charles West key club hosted their annual blood drive.  This blood drive is sponsored by the American Red Cross, and it is open to high school students between 16-18 (16 MUST have parent permission) to donate their blood. Two types of donations can be accepted: A whole blood donation (a pint of whole blood) or apheresis (special parts of blood, such as platelets, plasma, etc.). After the donation, snacks were provided for all donors in order to refresh and replenish.

Between 30-40 participants donated one pint of their blood to the cause.  Andy Ulett and Kameryn Arnold, both members of key club, commented on the blood drive’s success.  The participants managed to feel fine overall, and the nurses were “nice, so that helped a lot”, says senior Anna Prize.

“It makes you sleepy, but it went to a good cause”, says junior key club member Andy Ulett, also a donor.