College ideas in Missouri for St. Charles West students


Missouri Mizzou City Missouri University Columbia

There are many great college options in Missouri for students here at St. Charles West High School. Many students would prefer to not move out of state after they graduate high school for lots of reasons, because let’s be honest, leaving everything behind is tough! 

These students are in luck! Missouri has a wide variety of college options for students with all types of interests that they are interested in pursuing.. Some students may prefer community college, and that gives them a few options such as St. Louis Community College, and St. Charles Community College. 

If students don’t graduate high school with their desired GPA, community college is a great way for them to bring up their GPA before attending a university. As for some students, they might be ready to jump right into a big college after graduation. 

In this case, Missouri has many many great options such as University of Missouri – Columbia, University of Central Missouri, Truman State University, University of Missouri-Kansas City, Washington University in St. Louis, and even more to choose from! These colleges all have a wide variety of majors to choose from, as well as activities and clubs.

With all of these great college options, there’s a perfect fit for everyone!