Claire Mascia voted next StuCo President


Mackenzie McGuire

Junior Claire Mascia, the next St. Charles West student council President.

Last week, the St. Charles West student body got to vote on one of the most influential positions at St. Charles West: the student council president.  In order to obtain this position, a student must be a serving StuCo officer, go through the class applications process, and of course: obtain enough votes.  This year, the St. Charles West student body voted for junior (incoming senior) Claire Mascia over sophomore (incoming junior) Julia Steele.  The winner was announced Monday, April 27th before the end of school.  Throughout the weeks leading up to the election, both individuals put in a solid amount of work towards their campaigns.  Fortunately, both campaigns worked, as both Mascia and Steele ended up getting positions within the student council.

“I felt so relieved that all my hard work on the campaign was worth it,” says future StuCo president Claire Mascia.

Throughout her campaign, Mascia emphasized bringing in new ideas and inclusivity into the student council for the next school year.  This will allow for more participation in the student council in the coming years and allow for students to give feedback to the council for future events.

“Next year, my goal is to make more assembles more interactive.  I’m not sure how yet but with lots of input, I’m hoping we can figure out a great plan.  I also want to increase the number of people in the club and continue to help with school activities as well as charities! I’m really open to new ideas for how StuCo can help the school, so I would love to get student feedback on many of the things we do,” says Mascia.

With the student council in Claire Mascia’s hands next year, the future looks bright for the St. Charles West student council and student body.  Congratulations to all who went through the application process and were selected!