Senior Sendoff – Megan Gruesbeck


Senior Megan Gruesbeck in her senior pictures.

Megan Gruesbeck moved to St. Charles from Macomb, Michigan in 2018, right before freshman year. Megan has enjoyed meeting new people and making friends throughout her high school career. She loves going to parties, swimming in summer, and going on Target runs. 

Megan’s favorite memories from high school are school assemblies and dances! Her favorite assemblies are the Renaissance assembly. The best dance was this past prom. She enjoyed the people she was with, the music selections, and the food.

Megan’s advice to underclassman is to always turn your work in on time, don’t slack off, have fun, make new friends, and be nice to everyone!

Megan plans to go to cosmetology school following graduation. In the near future, Megan plans to save up with her friend from High, Mya, and get a two bedroom apartment. They plan on staying close to home, but later in life Megan may potentially move back to Michigan to be with her family.