Nick Mascia and the Warriors baseball team


Mackenzie McGuire

Manager Nicholas Mascia with junior baseball players Rolen Moore, Jackson Meers, and Justin Caulk.

At St. Charles West, almost every student and staff member know about the past and current success of the St. Charles West baseball team.  However, a member of the team that not everyone knows about is the manager: Nick Mascia.

Nick is a freshman at St. Charles West High School, with this school year being his first year managing the baseball team.  During the game, Nick will take statistics for all varsity players, and help perform any extra manager duties when the team needs it.  Nick is consistently at every game, cheering on his baseball team while being an extremely detailed and thorough manager.

“On the baseball team, I do the radar machine to track how many miles-per-hour our pitchers throw,” says freshman Nick Mascia, “I also do the infield work after the game is over”.

Nick is also a key morale booster during tough games.  After a given baseball game, Nick will do a viral Tik Tok dance called “The Gritty” after the game in order to boost the player’s morale, or help them celebrate a much deserved win.  He is a key component to the team’s confidence in themselves and each other, and it gives them a boost for the games to come.  Nick’s gritty has impacted the whole team and inspired them to do their best each and every day.

“Nick brings the energy we need every day”, says junior varsity baseball player Kyle Quinn, “On days he isn’t there, it feels like a part of the team is missing.”

“Nick has brought an insane amount of energy to our team.  He is an amazing person to be around, he is always happy, and that’s definitely something we needed.  Especially after a win and his post-game gritty”, says senior pitcher Dylan Patterson.

“Nick has a majestic stance in our team.  He gets us extremely hype and ready to play.  Nick is the heart and soul of St. Charles West baseball, and his post-game gritty is the cherry on top,” says sophomore varsity player Karson Quinn.

As for Nick, he plans to stay on the team for a while.

“The baseball team makes me happy and I will keep working with the baseball department here at St. Charles West,” says Mascia.

One kid. One dance move. One team. As a new member of the varsity baseball team, Nick’s organization as a manager and his heart and character make him a powerful force on the inside of the St. Charles West baseball team.  To watch the St. Charles West baseball team in action, head out to the game at St. Dominic (updated) tonight.