Teacher Appreciation Week


Mrs Weil with her taquito and QT Drink.

Mackenzie McGuire, editor in chief

Throughout this week at St. Charles West, students and staff have been participating in National Teacher Appreciation Week, a set of days set aside to appreciate the various staff members, administration, and teachers throughout the district.

In order to kick the celebration off, last week St. Charles superintendent Jason Sefrit went on the annual “Tour of Excellence”, giving outstanding teachers in the district some extra appreciation with flowers, certificates, and even balloons in some cases.  Last year when giving out these awards, St. Charles West’s own Mr. Williamson won Administrator of the Year.

This week, St. Charles West administration has been going above and beyond on showing some extra appreciation for the teachers.  On Monday, Mr. Williamson walked around the school giving out Pepsis to the teachers and Tuesday was a time for staff members to get bagels from Panera.  Today, administration will be showing more support for the teachers with more surprises and delights for the rest of the week.  Wednesday, May 4th, they brought taquitos and QT for all teachers.

If you see a teacher this week, make sure to give them a shoutout! Thank them for everything they do for St. Charles West!