Clubs and Organizations at St. Charles West


Mackenzie McGuire

A Black Student Union sign at the senior barbecue in May.

With an incoming class of freshmen coming into St. Charles West for the 2022-2023 school year, lots of opportunities to get involved are necessary.  At St. Charles West, lots of clubs, sports, and organizations are available to all grade levels to ensure the whole student body is involved in something.

Below is the list of clubs and their sponsors to contact:

  1. Student Council – Meetings are on Thursdays during AIP (Sponsor: Ms. Gates)
  2. Renaissance Club – Meetings are on Thursdays after school (Sponsors: Mrs. Hockmeyer and Mrs. Weil)
  3. Key Club – Meetings are on Thursdays at 6:45 AM (Sponsor: Mrs. Weil)
  4. FBLA – Meetings are on B day Tuesdays during AIP (Sponsor: Mrs. McLaughlin)
  5. Game Enthusiasts Club – Meetings are on Thursdays after school (Sponsor: Ms. Gates)
  6. DECA – (Sponsor: Mrs. Howard)
  7. FCCLA – (Sponsor: Mrs. Hill)
  8. Gender and Sexuality Alliance – Meetings are on Monday after school (Sponsor: Mr. Rohlfing)
  9. Science Club – Meets on Mondays after school (Sponsor: Mrs. Mueller)
  10. Art Club – Meets on Mondays and Tuesdays after school (Sponsor: Ms. Martin)
  11. Black Student Union – Meets on Fridays during AIP (Sponsor: Mrs. Van Houten)
  12. SCW Players – Meets monthly in the auditorium (Sponsor: Ms. Nigus)
  13. Dungeons and Dragons Club – Meets on Tuesdays after school (Sponsor: Ms. Joseph)
  14. FCA – Meets on Fridays at 6:45 AM (Sponsor: Mr. Jackson)
  15. HOSA – Meets on early out Wednesdays after school (Sponsor: Mr. Jameson)

The fall sports at St. Charles West are a great way for freshmen to learn teamwork, get involved, and make friends right off the bat.  The fall sports go as follows:

  1. Women’s Volleyball (Coach: Mrs. Ballmann-Gnau)
  2. Women’s Tennis (Coach: Mr. Zuccarello)
  3. Women and Men’s Cross Country (Coach: Angela Pointdexter)
  4. Women’s Softball (Coach: Coach Mittendorf)
  5. Football (Coach: Coach Strauss)
  6. Dance and Drill (Coach: Lindsay Colbert)
  7. Cheerleading (Coach: Mrs. Howard)
  8. Men’s Soccer (Coach: Dino Polimeropoulos)

The winter sports go as follows:

  1. Men and Women’s Basketball (Coaches: Terry Hollander (women’s) and Pat Steinhoff (men’s))
  2. Women’s Swimming (Coach: Tim Brasher)
  3. Women and Men’s Wrestling: (Coach: Mr. Vercher)

The spring sports go as follows:

  1. Men and Women’s Track (Coaches: Mr. Stancil, Coach Strauss, Ms. Hilburn)
  2. Women’s Soccer (Coach: Dino Polimeropoulos)
  3. Men’s Tennis (Coach: Mr. Zuccarello)
  4. Baseball (Coach: Coach Allen)
  5. Men’s Golf (Coach: Mr. Meyer)

With all the sports and organizations offered by St. Charles West, there are multiple ways for freshmen to get involved and participate.