Homecoming Hall Decorations


Mila Kemp, Staff Writer

This week at St. Charles West we showed our school spirit for Homecoming by creating hallway decorations for each class. This year’s theme was “Bright lights, Big cities” so each class chose a city to decorate their hallways with. The Freshman had Rio and it was very beautiful and was an amazing pick for them. They have flowers and colorful streamers. Hayden from the Junior class said “I enjoyed all of the colors. It made you feel like you were actually there in a way” The Sophomores had Houston as their city “where everything is bigger!” They had great decorations with bandanas and hats one of the best was the wanted poster with Voelkl. They also had a great American Flag. Now for my grade the Juniors had Honolulu like the Freshman they had bright colors and streamers. The surfboards were so fun. Lastly the Seniors who had an amazing hallway their city was Paris. They had an amazing backdrop with the Eiffel tower. The Senior hallway was my personal favorite but everyone did such an amazing job with their hallways. At the end of the week we found out that the class who won was the Seniors with Paris which was well deserved. I can’t wait to see them next time.