SCW mystery plant officially has a name


Mackenzie McGuire

The mystery plant in the main office.

During class on October 19th, St. Charles West newspaper and journalism students concluded their investigation into the mystery plant on the St. Charles West campus.  In late September, vice principal Mr. Jack Williamson posted on his Twitter about the mystery plant near the main gym entrance, and it received a lot of commentary around the school.  Following the popularity, students in the journalism and newspaper classes went around and asked various teachers and students their opinions on the plant.  Answers included zucchini, pumpkins, gourds, and squash.

In October, students went outside to look at the plant and looked inside the main office.  In the main office was the mystery plant, with a hint of orange on the plant.  This led the journalism students, newspaper staff, and building principal Dr. Scott Voelkl to confirm that the mystery plant was indeed a pumpkin.  The evidence can be confirmed with the pumpkin seeds inside the plant, and the smell of the plant as a whole.  Congratulations to everyone who thought the plant was a pumpkin!