Finals Week

Audrey Branson, Co-Editor

Finals week is here SCW! Make sure you are prepared for all of your finals, know the schedule, as well as the exemption activity options.


Cocoa Cram is on Monday, January 9th from 5:30 – 8 and will give the students the opportunity to cram for finals, with teacher help available. It will be held in the library with snacks for students to enjoy while preparing for their finals.  In addition, review blocks will be happening all week, so you can get some extra study time before some of your finals. According to the Princeton Review, here are some ways to be prepared for finals:

  1. Game Plan: Know what and when you are going to study, so you know exactly what you are having to do. Setting reminders and having a study buddy are great tools to help achieve these goals. Also make sure to take into account what classes are harder than others, giving more time to the tougher classes.
  2. Study in the order of Definitely, Probably, Maybe on the final: This is a good way to make sure that if you run out of time, you have all of the basics down. It also ensures that you aren’t taking in too much unnecessary information.
  3. Sleep + Eat = Final Success: Sleeping and eating are essential parts to your brain’s ability to function and getting a good amount of sleep and food during finals week is essential to making sure you can ace all of your exams.
  4. Study Aids: Use study aids like flashcards and pneumonia devices to internalize information. This is especially helpful for knowing dates, names, symbols, etc..
  5. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Creating a study group, coming to cocoa cram, or even studying with your parents is a great way to study. It makes studying a little more fun. Try to talk the information out, teach your friends about the topics in your exams. Two heads are better than one.


Another way to stay on top of everything going on this week is knowing the schedule.

Monday, January 9th:  B Day

Tuesday, January 10th:  Blocks 1 and 7 finals

Wednesday, January 11th:  Blocks 3 and 9 finals

Thursday, January 12th:  Blocks 2 and 6 finals

Friday, January 13th:  Blocks 4 and 8 finals (ERD with an 11:20 am dismissal)


If you are exempt from a final, you have the opportunity to go to one of the final exemption rooms. Dr. Voekl’s email says that, “During final exams, students on the final exam exemption list will have options available to them during that particular exam block.  Students may choose to stay in their classroom in order to quietly work/study, go to the auditorium to watch a movie, go to the auxiliary gym or commons (depending on the day) for games (board games, card games, etc) and gym activities (bags, spike ball, can jam, basketball, etc), or go to the library for quiet reading.  All students will report to their scheduled class location each block for attendance. Students attending an exemption location and not taking a final exam will be released from class following attendance”.


Make sure to be prepared for finals this week warriors, but also make sure to give yourself a break (you deserve it).