STUCO Kindness Week

STUCO Kindness Week

Alexis Arriola, Staff Writer

February 6th- 10th Stuco is putting on this year’s kindness week. There are many ways that we can celebrate kindness. As we go about this week here are some ways we can celebrate as we go about this week. 


Monday– PJ day; Prioritize mental health.

Tuesday– Decades day; Celebrate constantly kind. 

Wednesday-Barbecue dad vs. soccer mom; Thank our “mom” and “dad” friends

Thursday– Country vs. Country club; demonstrate inclusivity.

Friday– Adam Sandler day; Humor causes the best smiles.


Sometimes people may not know how to dress for these days or need a little inspiration. Here are some ideas for what to wear and how to celebrate kindness for the week. 


Monday-Wear your coziest pj’s, and be ready to take some time for yourself while learning!

Tuesday-Dress in your best 70’s, 80, 90s, ect. Looks! Don’t forget to celebrate those who are constantly kind!

Wednesday-Getting ready for a great day outdoors having a barbecue or taking your kids to soccer, get nice and dressed for either. Don’t forget to tell your friends who are like moms and dads thank you!

Thursday-Whether you dress up as a cowboy or look like you’re about to go play golf this day is all about demonstrating inclusivity. 

Friday– In honor of comedian, and actor, Adam Sandler we are dressing up in his iconic style of long baggy sports shorts and baggy t-shirt duo. As Adam is a comedian we will take this day remembering that humor causes the best smiles. 


Just because it’s kindness week doesn’t mean this is the only time we should be kind. These days will take time to remind us about things we might overlook but still have to take time to be kind about.