A Haunted Theater?


Laraya Duncan, Staff Writer

There is word of a ghost or spirit of some sort in the St. Charles West Auditorium. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, it is hard to ignore the strange happenings in our very own school. 


Anna Stichter (sophomore)


One day we walked into rehearsal and a mannequin was up on the little storage thingie. A few days later, it was moved to be on the scaffolding and none of us know who did it so there’s a chance the ghost moved it. I don’t really believe in ghosts, but I like pretending that the ghost here does stuff because it’s fun.”


An Anonymous Source


“One day at rehearsal the mannequin was up on the furniture shelf that you can’t get to without a ladder and you definitely couldn’t get up there with a mannequin in your hands.No one admitted to putting it there and we were all very confused.


An Anonymous Source


“I was showing my friend around the auditorium and she is really into ghosts. We went up into the booth and she had one of those apps that definitely doesn’t work and she freaked herself out so we went back to the stage. Once she calmed down a bit I told her if there was really a ghost it would make noise right now and I heard super fast and super loud running up in the catwalk. Way too fast to just be the foundation settling.”   


Laraya Duncan (senior)


“I was working on setting up for the Drama Club meeting that was happening that day and as I was setting up tables and chairs, I heard creaking and what sounded like footsteps behind me. At first I thought it was just the old stage or the foundation settling, but then I heard what sounded like a baby crying in the middle of the auditorium and I was done. I think that the ghost is a theater kid but that’s all I really think.”


No matter what you think of ghosts, whether you believe in them or not, it is fun to think that there are spirits among us. Who knows, maybe they can help you memorize your lines!