What club at SCW is best for you?


Julia Steele and Alexis Arriola

It’s over half way through the school year, it is WAY too late to get involved in any clubs, right? Wrong. Around West there are plenty of clubs around the school looking for new members year round. The real question is how do you know which club you should join?
So let’s take a quiz, keep track of the numbers you choose. 


  1. Choose a superlative
    1. Most Likely to be president 
    2. Most Creative
    3. Most Likely To Be The Next Bill Gates
    4. Most Likely To Save The Planet
    5. Best Person To Be Stuck On A Deserted Island With
    6. Mother/Father of the group
    7. Most Likely to Visit Mars
  2. Favorite Class
    1. English
    2. Intro to Art
    3. Algebra
    4. Speech
    5. PLTW
    6. Foods 
    7. Astrology 
  3. What would you get in trouble for?
    1. Bossing people around
    2. Drawing on the desks
    3. Fraud.
    4. Nothing
    5. Talking in class
    6. Losing the kid your babysitting
    7. Doing other homework in class
  4. Favorite outside of school activity?
    1. Other clubs, school ends?
    2. Scrolling through Pinterest
    3. Investing in Stocks.
    4. Volunteering 
    5. Watching Greys
    6. Hanging out with siblings
    7. Google Deepdive 


  1. Favorite Social Media
    1. Tiktok
    2. Pinterest 
    3. Twitter
    4. Facebook
    5. Snapchat
    6. Instagram 
    7. Youtube
  2. What job do you see yourself doing?
    1. Politician
    2. Artist
    3. CEO
    4. Social Worker
    5. Doctor
    6. Fashion Designer
    7. Engineer


  1. Which activity do you see yourself enjoying the most? 
    1. Planning a fundraiser
    2. Painting a mural outside French Town
    3. Presenting to your classmates
    4. Volunteering at a soup kitchen
    5. Working with the nurse at a Summer camp
    6. Cooking for your whole family
    7. Building a 4ft volcano 


  1. You have to babysit your younger sibling and/or local kid, what do you do to entertain them?
    1. Help them with homework
    2. Make gifts for their parents
    3. Make a lemonade stand
    4. Play doctors office 
    5. Teach them jump roping
    6. Make cookies
    7. Make slime


1: STUCO- Tuesday in the Library during AIP

2: Art Club- Monday and Tuesday after school in H108

3: FBLA- B-Day Thursdays during AIP in C108

4: Key Club- Thursdays at 6:50 in A107

5: HOSA- Wednesday after school in C100

6: FCCLA- Every 2nd Thursday of the month after school in C114

7: Science Club- Mondays after school in B112