Winter guard Takes 3rd

Laraya Duncan, Staff Writer

Winter Guard scored 3rd place at their competition at Wentzville Liberty. They performed their show titled “Search and Rescue” to the song “Rescue” by Lauren Daigle.


We were all a bit nervous going into it but as sophomore Alyssa Carnes talks stated, “Once I got into the groove of the show, my body just started relying on muscle memory. The rest of the run was a blur but I feel like that run was pretty good for all of us.” 


And it must have been a good run seeing the score received was the highest the St. Charles West Winter Guard has ever gotten at a competition, breaking the record competitions in a row! 


Julia Kean, a sophomore in the guard explains how “I was very very proud when we got third and I can’t wait to see how much farther we get!” 


The guard continues to work hard to prepare for the next competition which will take place at Francis Howell on the 18th.  Come support your fellow warriors!