Matilda Cast: What They Auditioned For VS What They Got


Julia Steele, Staff Writer

Coming to an auditorium near you…..Matilda! This Spring SCW Players are bringing us Matilda the Musical by Dennis Kelly on May 5th-7th. Introducing the main cast and the role they auditioned for….


Name: Anna Stichter 

Auditioned for: Ms. Honey

Role: Matilda


Name: Julia Steele

Auditioned for: Matilda

Role: Ms. Honey


Name: Morgan Money

Auditioned for: Mrs. Wormwood or Trunchbull

Role: Trunchbull


Name: Hannah Schmitz

Auditioned for: Ms. Honey or Mrs. Wormwood

Role: Mrs. Wormwood


Name: B Wiley

Auditioned for: Trunchbull

Role: Mr. Wormwood


Name: Emma Thornburgh

Auditioned for: Ms. Honey or Librarian 

Role: Bruce


Name: Alyssa Riegerix

Auditioned for: Matilda 

Role: Lavender


Congratulations to the cast, and break a leg! Don’t forget to support our theater program May 5th-7th