2023 Prom Theme


Julia Steele, Staff Writer

A little birdie told me that the 2023 St Charles West Prom is coming up April 22nd. And with that the theme. You won’t have to look far to find pearls, feathers and glitter this year. According to Junior Class President, Julia Steele; Class Vice President, Vivian Jones; and Class Secretary, Coleton Severs, this year’s Prom theme is….

Drumroll please….

Roaring 20’s!

So why this theme? Vivian Jones said, “The prom theme is very different than last years so it’ll be a nice change,” 

Prom will remain at the same venue as last year, The Recplex Cultural Art Center. The color scheme of prom includes black, white, and gold. Mr. Draper will be making a comeback as the DJ yet again!

“This is something you only get to do a few times in your life,” Coleton Severs explains, “And for seniors, this is one last dance to have with your high school friends.”

We are excited to see you all at this glamorous night. Keep an eye out for more upcoming fundraisers and updates.