Behind The Scenes


Julia Steele, Staff Writer

Every great actor has an even better tech person rushing them on stage. At St. Charles West, the shows are run almost completely by tech. Students run lights, sounds, make costumes, makeup, move set pieces. And every role is fundamental for the show to run smoothly. 

SCWest Players is lucky enough to have many talented, committed tech people. Sophomore and Props Master Elliot Calvert reminisces on a show, “My favorite show was Little Women because it had lots of props and our cast was incredible!”

The department is always searching for new faces to help, “ I think anyone can do tech. It really depends on what you like. Everything tech does has so many different people who enjoy certain things in different roles. So I mean as long as you can be as nice and helpful as possible, you can do anything including tech,” dressing room crew member Ellana Kemp says.

Tech truly has something for everyone, and takes people from all sides of the school. Students from band, soccer, STUCO, BSU, art club and many more find a spot in the auditorium. “Anyone dedicated and dependable should try tech out, even just for one show,” Elliot explains. Stage Manager Megan Johnson adds on, “ I especially recommend anyone who’s shy or doesn’t know where to start getting involved- just submit a tech form when the next show rolls around!”

Tech is a great way to support the arts and add to your college resume without much time. Most tech roles only require members to be there during the week of the show. For each show you help out with, is just another to add to your resume. Props crew member Colin Hefele shares, “Tech is important because it is integral to making a play work, without it, there would be nobody to control props, makeup, clothes and everything else backstage” 

While Matilda’s tech list has already been released, there is always a chance to try next year. Speak with Theater Direct, Ms. Nigus in B105 to learn more about tech positions.