Which of The Past 5 SCWest Shows Are You Most Like

Which of The Past 5 SCWest Shows Are You Most Like

Laraya Duncan, Staff Writer

Which of the last 5 SCWest players shows are you most like! Keep track of how many of each letter you pick!


What do you like to do after school?

  1. Gossip with my friends
  2. Go explore
  3. Read a good book
  4. Take a walk through the woods
  5. Work


What are you eating for lunch?

  1. Just snacking on some cookies
  2. A honey ham sandwich
  3. A pb&j sandwich
  4. A bug
  5. A whole feast


What is your favorite of these colors?

  1. Pink
  2. Purple
  3. Dark blue
  4. Green
  5. Royal blue


What are you wearing?

  1. A vintage outfit
  2. Something practical 
  3. The same thing every day
  4. Something that no one else wears
  5. My work uniform


What is your dream job?

  1. Hair stylist
  2. Author
  3. Teacher
  4. Can I just be royal?
  5. Whatever makes me the most money


Where are you vacationing?

  1. Louisiana
  2. London
  3. My imagination is enough
  4. Greece
  5. I’m too busy to take a vacation


What is your favorite music style?

  1. 80’s
  2. Classical
  3. Pop
  4. Renaissance 
  5. What everyone else wants to listen to


What does your dream house look like?

  1. A house that attaches to my business
  2. A big fancy house
  3. A small house works just fine for me
  4. A whimsical cottage
  5. I’d probably just live at my work


What do you hate most?


  1. Mosquitoes 
  2. My siblings
  3. Mean teachers 
  4. People who can’t do their job
  5. Not having enough time


What is your favorite class?

  1. Fashion Design
  2. English 101
  3. Statistics
  4. Theater
  5. Business Apps.


Now count up what you got!


A – Steel Magnolias


Follow six girls as they deal with life’s problems in a salon in Louisiana in the 80’s. You are fun to be around and have a bright personality.


B – Little Women


Four sisters grow up and learn how to be strong little women. You have been described as an old soul with lots of determination.


C – Matilda


A young girl who ends up in a terrible school with a terrible principle, luckily she has a few tricks up her sleeve. You are very academically inclined and seek justice.


D – A Midsummer Night’s Dream


A mischievous fairy tricks four lovers into loving the wrong people while others prepare for a play. You are whimsical and don’t care what others think of you.


E – A Servant of Two Masters


A servant tries to make money by working for two people at once and hilarities ensue. You are a very hard worker and have big plans for the future.


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