St. Charles Mural Competition


Julia Steele, Staff Writer

Word on the street, the owner of Good News Brewery is looking for a mural. Just 10 minutes away from St. Charles West, Dan Tripp, the owner of this small business is working with the St. Charles Mayor’s Youth Task Force (MYATF) to put up a mural. This mural is being made to commemorate our town’s history. 

MYATF is looking for students like YOU to help come up with the mural. The art pieces will be submitted for Mr. Tripp to look over and decide upon. 

Schools across the district will help paint, so even if you are wary about coming up with a mural, there is always something to help with.
We are excited to see what talented pieces you come up with. Who wouldn’t want a piece of their art to be memorialized throughout not only Frenchtown, but St. Charles as a whole? 


If you are interested fill out this form

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