Class Hype Man


Julia Steele, Staff Writer

When you think of the most spirited warrior in your grade, who comes to mind? Well STUCO is asking the same question.

At the Spring Assembly, STUCO is introducing a new concept, Class Hype men. After a previous struggle to gain participation and interest in assemblies, the club plans to make a resurgence of excitement. What’s a better way than having a designated person to hype up the crowd?

But what is a class hype man? “They are representatives for their class that will participate in the assembly and get their class excited to be there!” explains STUCO President Claire Mascia.

They help build that #warriorpride, make sure to vote. Did we mention they get to pick their own teams for assembly games?” Committee lead Anna Baumann states.

And don’t worry, the form is out RIGHT NOW! Make sure you get your vote in so you can see your friends, or even yourself as a main act in the next assembly. 

You won’t want to miss this assembly, it’s different, it’s fun, but most of all, it is different!