Morning Routines At West


Julia Steele, Staff Writer

Unfortunately, not everyone can roll out of bed and come to school prepared, gorgeous, and on top of that, awake. So when do our SCW Idols wake up? We asked students just that, “How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?” 


When do our students get up?

Freshman Alexis Arriola has a wide range of time, “I have the first alarm go off at 4:45 then have many more until 6:05. I get up at 6, do my hair and makeup, brush my teeth with toothpaste and then run to my yellow limo and make it just in time.”

On the opposite side of the spectrum there is sophomore Carter Sullivan who wakes up at 6:50, “I wake up, go to the bathroom if I have time, put clothes on, then go to school.”

Then we have students like junior Abby Govero who wakes precisely at 6:08, “I take off my makeup from yesterday and put on new makeup, figure out what to do with my hair, get dressed, pack a sports bag, make coffee, grab food and leave.”


How many alarms do the students of West set?

There are some students such as senior Elena Scheve who only need one. Or even people such as Abby Govero and sophomore Megan Johnson who need three. Then you have Alexis Arriola with an astounding 27 alarms. Or people with enough trust to not set a single alarm, such as Carter Sullivan. 


Are St. Charles West peppy morning people? 

Elena Scheve says “No.” Whereas junior Vivian Jones claims, “I definitely am a morning person… It makes me feel more productive.”

Then we have students like senior Ella Smith who are simply puzzled, “I honestly don’t know. Yes if it’s a reasonable time like 8am but probably not for the ungodly hour we have to wake up for school.”

Or poor Carter Sullivan, “I do not consider myself a morning person. Every day is a struggle.” 


Every student has a different routine, and no one is quite like the other, that is for sure. 


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