Hundred Dollar Cookie?!

Hundred Dollar Cookie?!

Laraya Duncan, Staff Writer

With just a few days left in the Girl Scout cookie season, the new cookie has caused quite the situation. The new raspberry flavored cookie “Raspberry Rally” is currently selling for up to one hundred dollars! 


You may not have even heard of this new cookie because of its unusual ordering circumstances. In order to get your hands on one of these boxes you had two options:


  1. You had to pre-order them online, and pay for not only the already overpriced cookies but also, the cost to have them delivered to your house. 


  1. Try your luck at the eBay game where the cheapest price is $20 for a single box and the quality is also questionable.


Are they even worth it?


The reviews on this cookie are very mixed. Some say that they are amazing, and totally worth it. Others say that it was gross and not worth spending the money. But what do you think? How far would you go for a cookie?