Sci-Fi Short Film Winners


Julia Steele, Staff Writer

Light-sabers, lasers, and teleportation are not far from the West. The short film class taught by Mr. Jackson regularly holds competitions between these student directed short films. This time around we have Sci-Fi. 

In 3rd place is Owen Shy, Jesse Schneider and Josiah Erickson with their film, “The Warrior.” Josiah Erickson explains, “We just kind of came up with it. When we did the trial experiments on Sci-Fi, we figured out how to make light-sabers and the portal. So we decided on a Star Wars theme.”


Alivia Zeier, Abby Govero and Jrue Blassingame take 2nd with “The Orb.” What was their artistic process like? “We knew we wanted to do a spy movie and we wanted it to have a Charlie’s Angels vibe. We also knew we wanted to do something like a heist. We eventually came to the decision to steal a magical orb and we used the set to make it happen,” Alivia Zeier expresses.


1st place goes to Andrew Wacker and Tyler Prize with “Encryption.” Their film was heavily inspired by Tarantino films and his creative form of non-linear storytelling. Tyler Prize explains, “…I wanted a character who was far more powerful than his opponents. I gave Agent B the ability to teleport to give him an unfair advantage in the fights.” He continues, “I wanted to have a fight scene that had a lighter song behind it. I decided on David Bowie’s “Starman” as the score behind the fight scene.”

Congratulations to all of the winners and their amazing short films!