Family Fued – SCW Edition


Julia Steele and Alexis Arriola

Did you tune into the SCW Spring Special? For STUCO’s final assembly of the year, they gave the students of St. Charles West a treat, a game show! 

The assembly took on the feel of an all time favorite, Family. STUCO President Claire Mascia and Vice President Julia Steele passed their microphones off to the host Scott Stratton-Henderson who led the assembly. 

Who played? Why none other than the class hype men. Freshman Class with Destiny Gibbs, sophomores with Brenan Goering, juniors with Karson Quinn and finally seniors with Dymand Watson. 

The hardest question today was, ‘Which job has more nerves than you do?’ I thought for sure the answer would be a Lawyer cause their job is stressful enough but it wasn’t,” Destiny Gibbs says as she mourns her classes loss against the sophomores.

Karson Quinn explains, “I was locked in during the game and thought only happy thoughts,” when asked what was on his mind during the game. Unfortunately this may not have been the best strategy after losing to the senior Class. 

The sophomores and seniors faced head to head in the final 10 minutes of the assembly, with the seniors pulling through.

“Having a certain someone in your class that people look up to makes assemblies more interesting,” Brenan Goering describes. 

On that note, that is a wrap on the 2022-2023 STUCO assemblies! Tune in next year for more fun. 

Photo Credit: Audrey Branson