Into Single Digits (9 Weeks Until Summer)


Julia Steele, Staff Writer

Nine weeks until summer? I think we might just make it. This is the first of nine editions to the “Into Single Digits” countdown to summer.

 I don’t know about you but I am in desperate need of some affirming comments to help keep me motivated. Take your time to read through and take in some small wins. 


  • I can get through this school year.
  • I will pass my tests.
  • I will take breaks.
  • I will put myself in a good mindset everyday.
  • I will not cry in the bathroom this week.
  • I will eat three meals a day.
  • I will drink a whole water bottle each day this week.
  • I will finish that TV show.
  • One more time, I can get through this school year!


On that note, keep moving, keep breathing. Take one day at a time, we are almost there! 


Tune in next week for our video column to find out what is getting people excited for summer!