Eat The World Around You! Prt. 2


Laraya Duncan, Staff Writer

VERY IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: A lot of foods have very similar look-alikes, be very cautious about trying any of these and do your own research.

Crab apple

Found on our very own St. Charles West campus, the crab apple is a small and sour fruit found on the tree of the same name. They are very popular in suburban areas and are a great source of vitamin c (6)!

However watch out for lookalikes like the hack berry, hawthorns and wild plums. They also have cyanide in the seeds just like their cousin the apple, so make sure you avoid them if you choose to try an apple or two.


Lion’s Mane 

Also known as the “bearded tooth” mushroom, the lion’s mane is another mushroom that you may want to try. “Lion’s mane mushrooms offer a mildly sweet flavor and a tender texture that mimics shellfish” (7).

This mushroom is also known for its medicinal uses including helping with anxiety, it can also promote new nerve growth (8)! 


Wood Sorrel

Not a clover, this look alike is very tasty on salads and alongside fish (9). It has a lemony taste and can be found virtually anywhere in Missouri, especially in the spring. Furthermore you can eat the entire plant, roots and all (9)!

HD wallpaper: Common Wood Sorrel, Klee, oxalis acetosella, forest, common sorrel plant | Wallpaper Flare

The easiest way to tell the difference between clover and wood sorrel is the shape of the leaves and the flower. Wood sorrel has heart shaped leaves as well as yellow flowers while clovers have circle shaped leaves and white flowers (10). 


REMEMBER: Make sure you are one hundred percent sure you know what you are eating and do your own research!


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