The Willow Prodject

The Willow Prodject

Laraya Duncan, Staff Writer

On March 13th, 2022 President Joe Biden approved the Willow Project (1). This project allows for oil drilling in Alaska (2). 


The two sides are as followed:


The Willow Project “…would generate an astounding 277 million metric tons of climate-busting carbon pollution … [and would]… be a disaster for our climate and for critical Arctic wildlife like polar bears, caribou, and migrating birds. It will also be a setback in our transition to a clean energy future, and flies in the face of President Biden’s commitment to tackle our climate crisis” (3).


But on the other hand, “One reason the Biden administration approved the Willow project involves legality: ConocoPhillips holds the leases and has a legal right to drill. Canceling its leases would bring a court case that, if lost, would set a precedent, cost the government millions of dollars in fees and do nothing to stop oil drilling” (4).