Who is Your Prom King?


Julia Steele, Staff Writer

Onto your kings, who are they? Look no further!


Ben King: Ben is a part of NHS and SkillsUSA. Why vote? He’s just a big cuddly nice guy with the last name King, what’s more to want? Ben explains, “My first reaction was a ‘oh no’ because I wasn’t planning on going to prom due to expenses, but I have amazing friends that helped me with money for prom,” And we are so happy to have you Ben! Ben will be strutting his stuff with Avery Little.


Louis Dieckmann: Louis honestly just thought it was cool to be on court. He plays defensive end on the football team as well as throw shot put and discus for the track and field team. This football star doesn’t care who wins but is just excited to walk with his girlfriend and homecoming queen Hayley Lewis. 


Parker Ledbetter: Parker was a little confused to see that he was on court, but excited never the less. Parker is not currently involved in any activities at West but supports his friends who do. He will be walking with Carolina Guerrero Gutierrez. Good luck Parker!

Scott Stratton-Henderson: Shocked is all Drum Major Scott had to say after his discovery of his nomination. When Scott finally takes a break from killing it on his saxophone he participates in NHS and STUCO. He works at Smoothie King and just recently earned his Eagle Scout. Scott will of course be walking with his bestie Claire Mascia. “Vote for whoever you think deserves it the most and has the best personality,” Scott explains. 


Hasani Hendrickson: Hasani is happy to even be mentioned for court. He thought he was leaving with just a photo booth photo, but Hasani might just leave with the crown. He is a proud Marching Warrior and manager of the varsity swim team. Hasani will be kicking it with Kameryn Arnold Saturday evening. We can’t wait to see your crazy dance moves!


Rolen Moore: Rolen is more than honored to be on this court. Rolen has been playing Tuba and Bass Trombone with the Marching Warriors for four years. Not to mention, he has been pitching for the baseball team just as long. Rolen is a fun guy with a love for music and the need to just mess around and have fun. Maybe we will see a dance, tuba duet in the Cultural Art Centre, but we recommend putting the tuba down when walking with Ella Smith. 

Prom is THIS Saturday! We hope you got your tickets, and we can’t wait to see everyone’s prom looks. Good luck to the people on court, and don’t forget to cast your votes!