Senioritis, It’s a Real Thing!

Annabelle Prost

Calling all seniors! Are you ready for the end of the school year, anticipating your last summer at home, and feeling no motivation towards school related things? It sounds like you may have “Senioritis.” This is actually very common for many seniors and has a big effect on how you finish out your school year. Since your high school career is practically coming to a close and you’ve most likely been accepted to colleges or made your decisions about the future it doesn’t seem like there’s much need for this last month. 

It’s difficult to get over this feeling, but it’s important to stay focused and enjoy the last little bit of high school! Students, you can’t forget that this is the last time you’ll be with this group of people, learning in this way. You’ll gain more independence and freedom, but you’ll also be expected to be in charge of a lot more and act like a true adult. So, have fun with your friends and try to let go of some of the stress and tiredness that you’re feeling. 

Use this last little bit of time to make memories. Tell your teachers how much you appreciate them. Make your assignments an enjoyable task by doing them with friends. Give this chapter a happy ending, and start the next one with a good attitude. There’s only a little more than a month left!