Prom King and Queen


Julia Steele, Staff Writer

Updates people, we have updates! After a long night of dancing, taking photos, and eating pasta. Julia Steele and Vivian Jones announced the Prom King and Queen. 

The votes were counted, the crowns were shined, and the sashes were laid. After a drumroll Ben King and Ella Smith were announced 2023 Prom King and Queen!! 

Ben explains, “My favorite part of prom was seeing people happy for me, especially my girlfriend Clair she was super proud and happy.”

Ella feels so loved, “I still honestly feel shocked, I actually could not believe it. I’m very thankful and it makes me feel so happy that people voted for me at all. So thank you guys so much, I feel so special.” 

Ella and Ben took a 2 am trip to see their moms who worked the night shift together. “Ella’s moms reaction was priceless,” Ben says. 

We are so happy for you both and so glad you had such a wonderful evening.