When I Was A Kid…I Only Wore This! (1st Edition)


Julia Steele, Staff Writer

We all had that one thing as a kid that our parents just couldn’t get off of us. For some people it was their princess crown, or maybe their super hero cape. But what about students at West?



Emily Skodak for example had no need for her princess crown when she was in her Ninjago Jay costume. And Tyler Prize was never seen without his Mario costume. 

“I wore my Harry Potter robe for like three weeks straight in third grade. It wasn’t Halloween and I never went as Hermione for Halloween ever,” Anna Baumann explains. And honestly who can blame her? 



Cash Buehler couldn’t get away from his superman underwear no matter how much his mother tried.

Julia Steele was a princess 24 hours a day, although she had multiple dresses and tiaras to exchange. Did she sleep in the costume? No! She had a sleeping beauty nightgown.

 Piper McCarty exclaims, “I used to wear this pair of knee high converse shoes that were silver and sparkly. I mean wore those things EVERY DAY.”