SCW Students Travel To Orlando For ICDC

Alexis Arriola, staff writer

ICDC is the international competition for DECA. This year it was held between April 22-25 in Orlando, Florida. St Charles West DECA had three qualifiers for ICDC this year, Anna Baumann, Megan Johnson, and Addie Nichols. Thethree traveled with Mrs. Howard who could not be more excited to go to Florida with these kids as she put it “I was excited to take this group of students because they are not only incredibly intelligent and capable but they are also very well behaved. I am so proud to have students to make it to this level and really couldn’t contain my excitement while traveling”


The students from west were also joined with two students from St. Charles High, Caleb Elliot and Tasha Jones. Four of them competed in their respective events while Tasha spent her time at ICDC doing leadership classes. The students were also invited to DECA night at Universal Studios in Orlando where the park was closed for everyone except for DECA, unfortunately it was pouring down rain. Anna Baumann says, “I had so much fun even with the rain, I don’t think my hair agreed though, we were able to just have like our own little time at Universal.”


The competitive events that the students were competing in, consisted of two parts, an exam about the cluster of business their event was in, and then the role-play, which is where students are given a scenario, they have prep time and have to present their case to a judge who acts usually as a client or boss. While no one from West made it to finals, two of the students, Anna Baumann and Megan Johnson, both were awarded a silver seal for being in the top 25% of test takers in the entire world. Congrats Anna and Megan! 


We are so proud of all of them and congratulations to their fun DECA experience at ICDC!