Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Because of first lady Eleanor Roosevelt, the first full week of May every year is Teacher Appreciation Week. School districts use this week to celebrate all the work teachers do for their students. In honor of this week the newspaper staff went around the school and asked people who their favorite teacher is and why. Here are some of the responses we got:


Senior Hasani Hendrickson said that, “My favorite teacher is Mrs. Biles, because she’s very a chill and funny math teacher, and person, so Mrs. Biles”

Freshman Miley Jackson said her favorite teacher is “Mr. Montenegro because he is funny.”

Sophomore Emily Skodak said, “Varel, because she cares about her students and she listens to everyone’s problems and gives advice.”

Junior Mila Kemp’s favorite teacher is “Gygi because she is an amazing person and cares for all of her students. Her teaching skills are incredible.”

Freshman Cash Buehler said his favorite teacher is, “Bourgeade, she’s nice and is kind to all her students and doesn’t discriminate no matter what.”

Sophomore Audrey Branson’s favorite teacher is, “Mrs. Weil because she is super funny and newspaper is a blast.”

Junior Julia Steele said, “My favorite teacher is Mrs. Delaney because she is my French mom.”

Sophomore Anna White’s favorite teacher is “Mrs. Lake because she is really nice and she’s very helpful when you have a question.”

Junior Hayden Kemp said, “I like Ms. Varel because she is down to earth and willing to help everyone.”


Happy Teacher Appreciation Week warriors!