Senior Breakfast


Annabelle Prost

Every year St. Charles West admin and staff plan a senior breakfast event for the senior class as a celebration of their hard work throughout high school. Both students and teachers enjoy this event a ton and a lot of hard work and planning is put into it. Assistant principal, Ms. Syron shared that she loves being able to spend the morning with these students chatting and eating yummy food. “The breakfast is one of the first signs that graduation is getting closer, so excitement is in the air!” Syron explained. 

The students shared their opinions as well, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Ella Smith raved about the delicious breakfast potatoes that were served, as well as getting to learn CPR at the end. She spent her time with her friends James Wortham, Scott Henderson and Claire Mascia who all also had a great time. She only had one complaint: “I was hoping for pancakes, but it’s okay because they had biscuits instead!”

It seemed like the biscuits were a big hit with everyone, as Kameryn Arnold’s favorite food option was the biscuits and gravy as well. She was able to relax and hangout for two hours with her friends Elena Scheve, Emilie Pellow and Dayleigh Bullock. By the end she had similar opinions to everyone else, telling us “it was a really nice thing for the school to put on for the seniors, I really enjoyed it!” 

Underclassmen and juniors, now you have another fun event to look forward to when it’s your turn to be the leaders of the school. Keep up your grades and have good behavior and you’ll earn this fun experience in just a few years!